Terror Is Reality is a controversial American pay-per-view game show that exists in the Dead Rising video game series. Hosted by greedy TV producer Tyrone King, the show pits numerous contestants against hordes of zombies that the contestants must kill in a series of challenges in order to win large amounts of cash. This extremely violent program is the centre of much controversy regarding the exploitation of victims of zombie outbreaks, both living and undead. Furthermore, the show only airs following a zombie outbreak due to limited numbers of zombies.

Terror Is Reality is sponsored by Phenotrans, the pharmaceutical company responsible for creating the anti-zombification drug Zombrex. What the American public are unaware of is that Phenotrans have intentionally caused several outbreaks by unleashing the Ampulex Compressa Giganteus parasite upon unsuspecting towns, perpetuating continuous supply and demand for Zombrex which can only be made by harvesting ACG queens. Thus Phenotrans continue manufacturing Zombrex while Tyrone farms the zombies from an outbreak site to use on his show.

The truth behind Terror Is Reality and Zombrex was exposed in Dead Rising 2 when Chuck Greene, one of a handful of survivors of the Fortune City outbreak, discovered the cause of the incident. After Tyrone kidnapped Chuck's daughter Katey, Chuck fought against the crooked producer and killed him in the rafters high above the Terror Is Reality indoor arena. After the firebombing of Fortune City and Tyrone's death, Terror Is Reality was cancelled.

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