The Tentacle is an amphibious creature available to the player in Dungeon Keeper. These creatures are quite rare and can only be attracted to the Dungeon if there is a body of water nearby and a sufficiently large Temple. Tentacles are capable of researching and manufacturing, but they do not particularly excel at either of these tasks. They can make good fighters, however, and they will tend to patrol any body of water in proximity to the Dungeon.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Tentacles use their single flailing limb to whip and sting enemies.
  • Freeze - At Level 5, tentacles become capable of freezing enemies with a touch.

Likes Edit

Tentacles thrive in water and will spend most of their time patrolling watery areas. If a tentacle makes its lair next to water, it gains experience whilst it sleeps. Although they are attracted by a Temple, tentacles do not normally spend time there unless placed there by the Hand of Evil.

Dislikes Edit

Tentacles have no specific dislikes, but if they are angered enough they will leave the Dungeon and side with an enemy Keeper.

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