The Tatzelwurm is a creature from the European Alps. There have been many sightings of this so called "Claw Worm" that some people have even been taken to the emergency room with a bite that they report came from the creature.

The Tatzelwurm is described to have the body of a cat with fearsomely sharp claws and from the waist down is a serpent like tail. Some reports say it is green and covered in a slimy mucus. Many reports where the witness attempted to stab the Tatzelwurm say that it's blood spewed out onto them burning where it splattered.

The Tatzelwurm is possibly particularly curious and may be an escaped hybrid mutant from a lab in the area. Skeptics often say that the Tatzelwurm is a large salamander that attacks people because it may have very sensitive teeth that cant eat through tougher animal prey which may explain the reason it's blood burns as if it where a poison. Other names for the Tatzelwurm are Stollenwurm (Tunnel Worm) Bergstutzen (Mountain Stump) and Springwurm. (Jumping Worm)

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