The Tarrasque is a colossal reptilian beast from the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. This massive monster is primal and savage; it has no alignment nor does it have any real intelligence. The Tarrasque is feared by many as a "destroyer of the world" due to its destructive tendencies. It lives only to eat and kill and is virtually unstoppable. If there is any good thing about the Tarrasque, it is that there is only one of them in the world.

Origins Edit

The Tarrasque was introduced in the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons, though its origins were left ambiguous. In the fourth edition of the game, it has been revealed that the Tarrasque is an abomination, an ancient being created by the primordials as a weapon against the gods. It is also an earth elemental and dwells deep within the heart of the world, sleeping forever lest it be disturbed.

Physical Description Edit

The Tarrasque stands at approximately fifty feet tall and seventy feet long. Its head is adorned with two large forward-pointing horns and it has a pair of small, beady eyes. Its gaping mouth is lined with many sharp teeth.

The Tarrasque has a spiky, armoured hide covering its body. Most weapons will be unable to penetrate the thick hide and even many magical abilities are ineffective.

Behaviour Edit

All the Tarrasque knows is eating, killing and destroying everything in its path. It has no intelligence or understanding of good and evil. Its only driving force is its hunger and it will eat literally anything and everything. It cannot be deterred or distracted, reasoned with or threatened.

Abilities Edit

The Tarrasque is imbued with all kinds of natural and magical immunities and resistances. It cannot be affected by poison or disease, nor fire or ice. Its attacks are so powerful that they utterly ignore the defence and resistances of its victims and any beings foolish enough to fight the Tarrasque will either be devoured or simply crushed.

The Tarrasque also possesses incredible regenerative abilities. It can swiftly recover from any wound inflicted upon it and can even regrow or re-attach any lost limbs. While it has eyes, the Tarrasque does not rely on these organs as its primary source of sensory perception and so it cannot be blinded.

For all intents and purposes, the Tarrasque is invincible and immortal. There are some types of magic that can effect it, but there is nothing that can truly kill it. At best, the Tarrasque can be returned to the core of the world where it will rest until the next time it stirs.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tarrasque of Dungeons & Dragons was originally inspired by the legend of the tarasque, a monster from French folklore.
  • The Tarrasque may also have been partially inspired by the kaiju Godzilla.

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