Blue tank beetle

The Tank Beetle is a common Blue variant in the anime series Blue Gender. These huge beetles reach a length of 13 feet with a height of 10 feet. They are dubbed as "tank beetles" due to the thickness of their chitinous skin which is very difficult to breach, and they also have a tendency to charge and ram enemies. With their size, the Tank Beetles can easily trample people to death and their horns are hard enough to pierce armoured vehicles. The core of the Tank Beetle is located on the head, between its horns.

Evolved Tank Beetle Edit

The Evolved Tank Beetle is a stronger version of the Tank Beetle. In terms of size and behaviour, this mutation isn't much different from its predecessor. First encountered by the soldiers of Second Earth in the late 2030s, at first glance the Evolved Tank Beetle appears to lack the core organ found in all Blue types. This is not the case, however; the core is merely covered, the Tank Beetles having grown an additional horn that conceals the core, offering better protection and greater offensive ability. The Evolved Tank Beetle, like its predecessor, uses its horns to ram and pierce vehicles and Armoured Shrike mechs.

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