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I know this is probably really stupid but I want this.I will not directly tell anyone where I live because you could be fake but if i see proof of wolves and werewolves around Coos Bay and Charleston Oregon I will be very happy .

First, it's YOUR choice. Get a werewolf tracker on you iPhone 5, iPhone, iPad, iPod whatever just get a werewolf tracker on your device. Find YOUR werewolf, or you could become one by getting bit by a grown werewolf, or do a spell. This one spell works(I should know). I know this isn't much, but I'm just giving a heads up if you ARE doing a spell, almost all of them are at the full moon. So please if one let's you do it at any moon pick that one. You have to write it down on a piece of paper and DON'T mess up. You don't have to remember the spell, you can take the paper with you. Remember there are side affects, and if it does work tell your parent(s).Edit

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