The Takeshiro Incident is an event that takes place in the Bioboosted Armor Guyver series. During this incident, Sho Fukamachi (Guyver-I) and Mizuki Segawa, having recently escaped from the rogue Lost Number Aptom, had been separated from the rest of their group and had attempted to lay low in the small town of Takeshiro, located a few miles away from Mount Minakami. The two had hoped that Cronos would not risk sending Zoanoids to attack them in public, but unfortunately, they found that the townspeople had all been turned into Zoanoids, apparently all having been abducted and optimized without ever being made aware of it.

Under the psychic command of Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, all of the townsfolk transformed into their zoaforms and pursued Sho and Mizuki. Sho bioboosted into the Guyver so he could defend Mizuki, but could not attack the Zoanoid townsfolk, who were all being controlled. Eventually, Sho and Mizuki were cornered by the Zoanoids, but were saved by the timely arrival of Agito Makishima, aka Guyver-III. Agito had no qualms about killing the zoaformed villagers and attacked. When the Zoanoids realised that Guyver-III wasn't going to back down, they attempted to retreat, but Agito destroyed all of them with his Mega-Smasher.

Sho and Mizuki were apalled by Agito's apparent butchery of an entire village, but Agito explained to them that Zoanoids were not able to become normal human beings again. As long as they were Zoanoids, they would be subject to the insidious will of the Zoalords and that the only way to save them was to end their lives altogether.