TRICELL was a multi-industrial conglomerate that appeared in Resident Evil 5. It was a conglomerate of three organizations descended from a company called Travis Enterprises. Its name was derived from the triumvirate of "cells" that formed it. The company that was involved deeply with the Plaga outbreak in Kijuju.


TRICELL's three cells each focused on a different sector: Shipping, Pharmaceuticals and Natural Resources. Being involved in the development of medical technology and products, they were a prominent member of the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium and had helped fund the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance following the indictment of the Umbrella Corporation in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Little did the world know that, like Umbrella before them, TRICELL was also in the business of developing Bio-Organic Weapons.

In 2004, TRICELL was contacted by bioterrorist Albert Wesker, who agreed to supply them with various viral samples and research material if they agreed to fund his own projects. Over the coming years, Wesker would formulate his own plans for reshaping humanity and the world, sharing his ideas with the head of TRICELL's pharmaceutical division, Excella Gionne. The two conspired together when Wesker provided TRICELL with a sample of Las Plagas recovered from Spain and perfected it, then later led TRICELL to the Stairway to the Sun, the place in Africa where the Progenitor virus was originally discovered. Re-opening an old research center left behind by Umbrella, Wesker, using TRICELL's resources, conducted extensive experimentation with Progenitor in order to create the ultimate viral agent, the tool he would use to usher in his new world order: Uroboros.

In 2009, TRICELL began testing their new Plaga strain in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, turning many of the inhabitants into Majini. With Las Plagas spreading throughout Kijuju and causing great civil unrest, the BSAA were sent in to settle the situation. The Majini hordes served to keep the BSAA occupied while Wesker and Excella made the finishing touches to Uroboros and prepared to spread the virus worldwide. However, Wesker's scheme was ultimately foiled by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The madman was killed and Excella had died when Wesker betrayed her. Following the Kijuju Incident, TRICELL's pharmaceutical arm found itself implicated by global authorities regarding numerous human rights violations, the development of biological weaponry and aiding and abetting terrorism. It is unlikely that the other cells of the company survived the BSAA's investigation.


The following is a list of various Bio-Organic Weapons that TRICELL were responsible for developing.