Legion Queen

The Legion Queen from Gamera 2: Attack of Legion

The Symbiotic Legion (レギオン, Region) are a race of giant alien insects that act as the antagonists in the 1996 movie Gamera 2: Attack of Legion. They consist of an army of drones, a giant flower, and a massive queen Legion. The Legion Queen is considered to be one of Gamera's toughest enemies, along with Iris.


The Legion drones resemble large beetles with pincers on their faces and a single large eye. The queen resembles a larger version of the drones with multiple small legs on her upper body, two eyes, ovarian sacs on her chest, and a large nasal horn. The drones are 3 meters tall, 5 meters long, and weigh 300 kilograms. The queen is 140 meters tall, 160 meters long, and weighs 600 tons.


The Symbiotic Legion come from a faraway galaxy. They travel inside meteors and colonize planets by planting giant flowers which increase oxygen levels in the atmosphere to the point that the environment becomes toxic to native life.


Gamera 2: Attack of LegionEdit

The Symbiotic Legion arrived in Japan inside a meteor. Legion drones scoured the countryside in search of silicon from which to harvest oxygen for their flower. The drones took up resisence in the subway tunnels under Sapporo, killing many humans that stood in their way, and planted a flower there. As the flower prepared to seed, Gamera arrived and destroyed it. The Legion retaliated by swarming Gamera and biting into his shell. The drones became distracted by nearby power lines and attacked them, due to their instinct to see any electrical interference as hostile activity. Gamera flew away, killing any drones that remained on him. Shortly after, the Legion Queen emerged from the ground and flew to her next target. The Legion planted another flower in the city of Sendai. The government sent helicopters to evacuate civilians, one of which was Gamera's priestess Asagi Kusanagi. Gamera arrived to disable the flower, but was attacked by the Legion queen. Legion overpowered Gamera and nearly destroyed the helicopter, but Gamera managed to hold Legion off long enough for the helicopter to escape. Legion then retreated, leaving the weakened Gamera behind to destroy the flower. Gamera reached the flower in the heart of Sendai and managed to direct it at himself before it seeded, creating a huge nuclear explosion that leveled Sendai and apparently killed Gamera. The Legion then headed to Tokyo, which they saw as the greatest threat to their conquest of Earth. The Self-Defense Forces deployed hoping to slow the Legion's advance, but were easily cut down. Thankfully, Gamera was revived by the Earth's Mana and flew to intercept the Legion. Legion and her army easily overpowered Gamera, but the humans created a diversion by activating power lines in the area, drawing the drones. Gamera then incinerated the drones with his fireballs, leaving him alone against the queen. Gamera tore the queen's nasal horn off, but she retaliated by firing off red energy strands from the area under her horn. Desperate, Gamera tapped into the Earth's Mana and absorbed it, using his last-ditch attack, the Ultimate Mana Blast. Gamera fired the powerful beam from his chest, incinerating Legion in one hit and ending the invasion.


  • Silicon Breakdown - The Legion drones can break down silicon compounds and harvest oxygen from them to later feed to their flower.
  • Plasma Beam - The Legion queen can fire a powerful plasma laser by opening her nasal horn.
  • Energy Strands - If her horn is removed, Legion can release deadly red energy strands capable of piercing through and burning enemies.
  • Forcefield - Using the smaller legs on her upper body, Legion can create a forcefield capable of blocking energy and projectile-based attacks.
  • Flower - The Legion can plant a large flower that alters the environment to better suit the Legion by increasing oxygen levels in the air dramatically. When the flower reproduces, it launches a seed into the sky, creating a nuclear-force explosion in the process.


The Legion drones are attracted to silicon and any source of electricity, making them vulnerable to attack when they are drawn to these sources. When siphoning electricity, the drones will eventually be killed. The Legion queen's limbs seem to come off rather easily when enough force is applied, demonstrated when her wings are blown off by missiles and when Gamera tears off her smaller legs.


Legion DroneEdit

Legion Drone

A Legion Drone

The Legion drones are approximately human-sized and search for silicon compounds from which to harvest oxygen. The drones also seek out sources of electricity, which they instinctually see as threats to their invasion.

Legion FlowerEdit

Legion Flower

The Legion Flower

The drones co-exist with a giant flower with which they share a mutualistic relationship. The drones provide the flower with oxygen, and the flower grows and gives off even higher levels of oxygen, making the area more inhabitable for the drones. The flower then reproduces and allows the Legion to colonize more areas.

Legion QueenEdit

Legion Queen

The Legion Queen

The Legion queen is 140 meters tall and leads the drone army. The queen gives birth to more drones constantly and provides force to fight native opposition to her race's conquest.


  • The Legion Queen is Gamera's largest enemy.
  • The Symbiotic Legion's name comes from a passage from the Gospel of Mark in the Bible: "And Jesus asked him, 'What is thy name?' and he replied 'My name is Legion, for we are many.'"


Gamera 2 Attack of Legion - Gamera vs04:58

Gamera 2 Attack of Legion - Gamera vs. Legion

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