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Sylar is the main antagonist of the American TV show Heroes. His real name is Gabriel and he used to work as a clockmaker. He, along with many others evolved and gained superhuman powers like telekinesus, instant regeneration and many more. Sylar's power is to assimilate others powers by murdering them, cutting their head open and removing the brain. His ultimate goal is to kill everyone with powers and assimilate those powers. In the season finale of season 1 however he is stabbed through the heart by a sword. However he surviveswhen he is rescued and hdden in Mexico. But Sylar being Sylar, he kills his resuer in hope to gain her power of illusion. But he was still injured so he failed to take her power. He then hitched a ride with another girl and her brother who also had abilities. The girl, Maya, cried black tears and everyone in the area around her also cried these tears and died. Her brother was the only one that could survive her power though, so he stayed with her. They were going to New York with Sylar (not knowing he was a serial killer) but when they arrived he had come for regenarative blood (from Claire, someone with the Instant Regeneration ability) and when it was injected into him he healed and regained all his former powers. He then took Claire's power, but seeing as she was immortal, she lived.


  • Assimilating others powers: He cuts off thetop of their head to access their brain and pokes around and somehow gains the corspe's power. Later however he finds out how to copy their power but leave them alive and stil in possesion of their power.
  • Telekinesus
  • Super Hearing
  • Paints the future
  • Melts objects: Sylar can touch an object and turn it too liquid form
  • Freezing: Sylar freezes people and objects simply by touching them
  • Radioactive control: Sylar lets off incredible amounts of radiation, can explode with the power of a nuclear bomb and can throw fire.
  • Midas Touch
  • Super Shout Can shout so loudly that sound waves travel in front of him and smash everything in his path.
  • Finger Gun If he makes the shape of gun with his fingers he can shoot invisible force in shape of a bullet.
  • Electricity Can shoot lightning
  • Instant Regeneration He cannot die for he heals at incredible speeds. Example: If he breaks his neck he can shift it back into place and the bones and flesh knit back together in seconds.

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