Black supreme

In the Doctor Who series, the Daleks were often governed by a Supreme Dalek. Supreme Daleks could be commanders of specific Dalek bases, occupied planets, battle fleets or, in some cases, assume leadership of the entire Dalek empire in the absence of a Dalek Emperor. At certain points in their history, the Daleks have been governed by an entire council of Supreme Daleks that would convene in the city of Kaalann on Skaro.

Known individuals Edit

Supreme Daleks have most commonly been distinguished by black-coloured armoured shells, though their design has changed a number of times. Below is a list of noteworthy Supreme Daleks.

  • Gold Councillor - A gold-and-black Dalek which served as a member of the Dalek Supreme Council. This Supreme appeared in the Third Doctor story Planet of the Daleks, taking command of a Dalek frontline base on the planet Spiridon. Due to the Doctor's interference, the Dalek base was flooded with volcanic ice and the Supreme became trapped there after a group of Thals hijacked its ship.
  • Renegade Supreme - After the Daleks' failed war against the Movellans, the race became divided into two factions: Imperial and Renegade. The Renegade Daleks were led by a Supreme with black armour plating. In the Seventh Doctor story Remembrance of the Daleks, the Dalek Civil War was brought to an abrupt end when the Doctor used an ancient Time Lord weapon, the Hand of Omega, to destroy the armies of both factions. The Supreme Dalek had survived the Hand's activation but the Doctor convinced it that it was now the last of its kind and served no purpose. The Supreme became confused by this and it self-destructed.
  • Red Supreme - The Red Supreme is so-named due to the red and gold colour scheme of its shell. It also has additional metallic braces on either side of its midsection and has three audio-receptor bulbs on its dome. This Supreme was the ruler of the New Dalek Empire in the Tenth Doctor story The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, working with the Daleks' creator Davros to develop and deploy the Reality Bomb, a weapon of absolute destruction that would release a never-ending wave of Z-neutrino energy that would annihilate all matter not only in this universe, but any and all parallel and divergent dimensions as well. This plot was thwarted by the Doctor and his human allies and the Red Supreme was destroyed by Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood who blew up the Supreme with a blast of his de-fabricator gun.
White supreme
  • White Supreme - In the New Dalek Paradigm, Supreme Daleks have white-coloured shells. They act as territorial commanders and fleet coordinators. So far, no Supreme has acted as absolute ruler of the reborn Dalek race as that role has been fulfilled by an Emperor and even a Dalek Prime Minister accompanied by a full Parliament.

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