Strelats is a "Complete Mutation" form taken by certain J'avo in Resident Evil 6. After being sufficiently injured, some J'avo morph into a Chrysalid form and may emerge as one of several types of creatures, including this one.


The Strelats (named after the Serbo-Croatian word for "shooter") somewhat resembles a dilophosaurus, possessing large frills on its neck and also several bony spikes on the neck, back and tail. It is the fastest of all the Chrysalid mutations, capable of dashing across terrain to evade enemy attacks and can even scale walls. It is resistant to gunfire, but can be brought down quickly with melee attacks provided the player can get close enough to it.


The Strelats prefers to attack from a distance. It is capable of launching its horns like arrows at enemies, firing them so fast that the enemy has little chance of counter-attacking. If an enemy gets too close, the Strelats can emit a gas that distorts vision. They also have a tendency to expel a highly toxic fluid from their mouths that can rapidly deplete a player's health.