Stalkers are a variety of Necromorph introduced in Dead Space 2. Possibly the most cunning and intelligent of Necromorphs, the Stalker is true to its name and tends to hide out of sight of its prey, seeking to ambush them from the shadows.

Description Edit

The Stalker is a heavily altered human corpse that stands in a slouching position, possessing three long talons on each hand and two toes on its extended feet. The recombinant Necromorph contagion has re-purposed the subject's digestive organs, transforming them into new bone formations that cover the head and upper back. The Stalker's exposed skull is shaped like a bird's, with a sharp piercing "beak" forming on the forehead and the lower jaw splitting into two sharp mandibles. The skull is extremely hard and cannot be penetrated.

Behaviour Edit

Stalkers always hunt in groups, hiding behind structures and obstacles as they observe their prey. They will attempt to flank victims by skittering about in the darkness then charge while the victim's guard is down, rushing in from behind or the sides and raking the prey with their claws. Should a Stalker be spotted, it will charge at its prey head-on and attempt to batter them to the ground with a strike from its reinforced head. Since its head is virtually impenetrable by most weapons, shooting off its legs mid-charge is the best way to stop these monsters.

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