The Spitter is a variety of Necromorph introduced in Dead Space. They appear to be similar to Slashers, possessing the same gangly limbs ending in scythe-like bone blades. However, the Spitters are primarily formed from female cadavers and the blade-arms grow out from the shoulders, leaving the host's original arms intact but shifted around to the back. From a distance, the Spitter appears to be less mutilated than other Necromorphs, but up close, you can see the skin on the torso has been torn wide open, revealing disfigured musculature. The host's jaw has also split, creating a new, inhuman mouth filled with jagged fangs.

As well as ripping prey apart with their blade-arms, Spitters will also spit up globs of corrosive acidic bile, much like Pukers. Like Slashers and most other Necromorphs, they can be stopped by severing their limbs and removing the head will prevent them from spitting their bile projectiles.

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