Spider Front

Spiders are a type of creature available to the Keeper in the first Dungeon Keeper game. Though not as strong as certain other creatures, they are tougher than flies and beetles. They make good support units as they can freeze opponents in their tracks, leaving them vulnerable to attack by the stronger members of your creature horde.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Spiders scratch at heroes using their forelegs and fangs.
  • Slow - Spiders can slow enemies to a crawl with this spell.
  • Freeze - A chilling spell that will temporarily stop enemies in their tracks.
  • Hailstorm - A stinging flurry of hailstones that can hurt multiple enemies at once.

Likes Edit

  • Manufacturing - While not as skilled as trolls or bile demons, spiders are capable of producing traps and doors in the workshop.
  • Training - Spiders spend a lot of their time in the training room preparing for battle.
  • Prisoners - The sadistic spider loves to torment weak heroes that have been locked up in the dungeon's prison, standing outside the bars and freezing the unfortunate inmates, then freezing them again after they thaw out.

Dislikes Edit

  • Flies - The idea of treating a fly as a comrade rather than food is detestable to a spider. The two creatures cannot stand sharing lair-space with one another and will fight to the death if made to do so. Of course, the spider is more likely to win such a fight being the dominant predator.

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