The Special Weapons Dalek is a rare Dalek variant from Doctor Who. It has appeared in only a handful of Dalek TV stories, most notably "Remembrance of the Daleks", as well as various audio and comic book stories.

The Special Weapons Dalek looks considerably different from standard Daleks. Its livery is more box-shaped and carries a large energy cannon instead of the standard manipulator arm and gunstick of other Daleks. Its dome sports no eyestalk, so it is unclear how the SWD sees.

The bulky cannon of the Special Weapons Dalek fires powerful explosive bursts of energy that can vaporise multiple targets in one shot, leaving nothing except meagre burn marks where the victims once stood. The drawback of this weapon is that it generates high levels of radiation within the SWD's shell which can cause significant physical and psychological damage to the Dalek mutant inside.

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