Pirate Trooper Fed Force render

A Pirate Trooper as seen in Metroid: Federation Force

Troopers are the standard soldiers of the Space Pirate army in the Metroid video games, most notably the Prime trilogy. Highly aggressive and well-trained in melee and ranged combat, Troopers are equipped with galvanic accelerator cannons and retractable scythe-blades. Having come to blows with Samus Aran on many occasions, all Troopers across Pirate-held space are trained to recognise her and kill her on sight.


Pirate Troopers often receive specialist training and equipment depending on their rank. A list of Trooper varieties has been compiled below.

  • Armoured Trooper - Equipped with a standard armorsuit that provides adequate protection against beam weapons, but can be breached with missiles.
  • Assault Trooper - They are equipped with sloped, translucent orange, missile-deflecting armour. A Dash Jet system is also built into the armour. Basic armament includes assault rifles, energy scythes, and EMP grenades, all powered by Phazon. However beams can damage their armour.
  • Advanced Trooper - Advanced Pirate Troopers wear an additional layer of ablative armour. Explosive attacks are recommended to break the armour away. Basic armament includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armoured foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.