Mp3 pirate militia

Militia are basic Space Pirate soldiers that appear in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. These units are the lowest caste in the Pirate hierarchy, consisting primarily of slaves and prisoners that have been regarded as battle-capable. Pressed into military service, the Pirate Militia are viewed as being completely expendable and thus they are not as well-equipped as other Pirate troops. They are armed with standard-issue galvanic arm blasters and retractable scythes, but their armour is weak and provides minimal protection.

Pirate Militia are always supervised by Troopers in the field. Troopers leading Militia units always maintain close watch over their subordinates, expecting treachery or cowardice, and will execute and even feed on disobedient Militia.


Some members of the Space Pirate Militia are granted additional equipment commonly used by regular army-troopers, having served long enough to be trusted with extra gear.

  • Shield Pirate Militia - Militia equipped with hand-held shield devices to repel enemy fire. Being portable, the shield must be lowered so that its user can fire its weapon. The shield can only block standard weapons fire and cannot stand up to explosives or Phazon-based weaponry. Samus Aran is capable of using her Grapple Beam to snatch a shield from its user.
  • Armoured Pirate Militia - Militia wearing lightweight armour suits that can withstand beam weaponry. The suits can, however, be ruptured by missiles.