Pirate Commander Artwork

Commanders are the best of the best among the Space Pirates. Only those Pirates that have served as Commandos for a minimum of ten years can advance to the ruling caste where they have the privilege of remaining on the Pirate Homeworld to coordinate the Pirates' galaxy-wide operations. Samus Aran encounters a Commander on the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Overview Edit

The Commander that Samus encountered in Corruption was adorned in reinforced body plating forged from Red Phazite, which is considerably more resilient than standard Phazite armour. Equipped with a personal teleporter, the Pirate Commander would attempt to take Samus by surprise with sudden teleports and strike with an energy scythe from her blindspots. The Commander could also fire EMP grenades to disrupt Samus' suit systems and summon Pirate Commandos to aid it in battle. Samus was able to overcome this foe by using her suits Hypermode and shattering the Commander's armour with Phazon-based attacks.

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