Plasma trooper fullscale

Pirate Beam Troopers are Space Pirates that are encountered in Metroid Prime. They stand apart from ordinary Pirate soldiers in that they are modified with enhanced armour that is specifically designed to resist certain beam weapons. Samus Aran meets several of these advanced Pirates on Tallon IV.

Description Edit

Beam Troopers are covered in black chitinous armour with highlighted seams that glow in different colours. Depending on what colour these highlights are, the Beam Trooper is only vulnerable to a specific weapon.

  • Yellow - Power Beam
  • Purple - Wave Beam
  • Red - Plasma Beam
  • White - Ice Beam

Weapons that do not correspond with the Pirates' armour colour will have no effect. Aside from this, Beam Troopers behave much the same as standard Space Pirate Troopers. They are armed with arm-scythes and enhanced galvanic accelerator cannons.

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