The Smoker is a type of Special Infected that appears in Left 4 Dead 2. This particular mutation of the Infection has resulted in the subject developing putrid growths all over its body that continuously ooze a foul ichor. Not only that, but a sickly green vapour seeps from these bloated pores when the creature is injured, hence the name "Smoker". The Smoker's other most notable feature is its tongue, which has extended to a ridiculous length and is capable of lashing out at prey from a distance. It will use its tongue to ensnare victims and drag them towards it so that may rip them apart with its clawed hands. If there is something in the way that stops the Smoker from pulling its prey, it will instead use its tongue to strangle its victim. Victims caught by the tongue can be saved by other survivors who either kill the Smoker or cut off the tongue. However, the Smoker's mutation has also caused it to grow several "extra tongues" which emerge from new orifices that have appeared in different parts of the body, and it can use any of these additional appendages as effectively as its original tongue.