Slimes are hostile creatures from Mojang's Minecraft franchise.

Description Edit

While it is possible to find smaller Slimes first, the Slimes most likely to be initially encountered are large- significantly larger than the player. These organisms are giant green blobs with a rudimentary face that will sluggishly hop towards, and attempt to impact, the player, causing a not-inconsiderable amount of damage. Their relatively low speed means that they are easily dispatched; however, a large Slime that is supposedly destroyed will instead split in to several "small" Slimes that are identical in appearance and behaviour to their parent, but will effect reduced damage and be easier to finish off. These miniature versions will each in turn split into even more "tiny" Slimes on death. These diminutive creatures are incapable of causing harm, but will produce Slimeballs when dispatched, a drop unique to Slimes which may be used by the player in the creation of more advanced technology.  

Trivia Edit

  • If destroyed, a Slime of any size will drop experience relative to its bodymass, regardless of whether it also splits into smaller forms.

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