Skeletons are a common type of creature in the Dungeon Keeper games. These undead creatures are not brought to dungeons via portals like other monsters, but rather they are created when creatures are left to starve to death in the dungeon prison. Skeletons are suited to little more than combat or guard duty; these mindless creatures can be weak at low-level but are easy to train up. They do not require sleep, food or payment and will dedicate their existence solely to battle. Drop a skeleton into a training room and it will keep going until it reaches maximum level (Level 10).


  • Armour - In the heat of battle, skeletons can raise their defence with this armour spell.
  • Lightning - In the first Dungeon Keeper game, skeletons that reach Level 10 can attack by casting lightning bolts from their swords.
  • Undead - Being undead, skeletons are immune to poison gas traps.


Aside from battle, skeletons don't like anything. When they are not training, they are best put to use on guard posts.


Skeletons do not get on at all with bile demons and the two creatures will attack each other if the Keeper does not take care to keep them apart.