Skagzillas Beam Attack(Shoop da Whoop!)

The Skag is a dog-like creature that lives on the Desert Planet, Pandora (not to be confused with the planet from James Cameron's Avatar). It appears in the video game, Borderlands.


The Average Skag is about 2 1/2 feet long, with 3 jaws. They can be colored by:







Different SpeciesEdit

The Skag has different Species. Here are some:

The Different Species of Skag (Including Notables)
Skag Whelp Next in line of Skags
Adult Skag 3rd in line, dangerous
Skag Elder 4th, moves fast even though called "Elder"
Badass Skag Ugh! Scary! Mist around head
Badass Fire Skag It...Breathes...FIRE!
Badass Corrosive Skag It...blows...CHUNKS!
Moe Fire Based Skag
Marley Corrosive Based Skag
Pinky One of Nine-toes pets
Digit Another pet of Nine-toes
Skagzilla The ULTIMATE Skag. He can shoop da Whoop! HE BE FIRIN HIS LAZAAAR!!!!!!!
Pup, Skag The First kind of Skag you encounter

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