The Sidehill Gouger is a creature from North American folklore


Sidehill Gougers are unusual mammalian herbivores with legs on one side of their body which are longer than the other. This means that a Gouger has to walk around a hill or mountain in only a single direction- it is completely incapable of turning around, lest it fall over. They have between two and eight "pups" in a litter, and are said to live in hillside burrows.



Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Gougers fight

Gougers, as stated previously, wander inclines in only one direction, grazing on pasture as they come to it.

If a Gouger should meet another of its species who has legs longer on the opposite side from it (who would obviously be heading in the other direction, these are known as Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Gougers) then the two will fight to the death.

Originally said to have migrated west from New England (by a breeding pair who leant upon each other in a way likened to "two drunks going home from town," Gougers were hunted by pioneers and lumberjacks alike. These hunters would lure or chase the beasts onto flat ground, where the unfortunate animals would fall over, and become easy prey for the hungry humans.

Other Names and Variations

  • Sidehill Ousel
  • Sidehill Loper
  • Hunkus
  • Sidewinder
  • Wampus
  • Rickaboo Racker
  • Gwinter
  • Cutter Cuss
  • Wampahoofus (Vermont species)
  • Dahu (similar creature originating in France)