Shuna Sassi
Shuna Sassi was a character from Clive Barker's 1990 movie Nightbreed and it's comic book spin-offs.

Description Edit

Shuna was a beautiful but mutated human with an animalistic face and a coat of long, poisonous quills which covered her head, back and upper arms. She could shoot these quills from her body to impale others from a distance.

History Edit

The woman who would come to be known as Shuna Sassi was taken in by a Parisian brothel owner and set to work catering for rich men with exotic - and dangerous - tastes. After accidentally killing one of her clients, Shuna was forced to flee Paris, and eventually found her way to Midian, taking refuge with the Tribes of the Moon.

Shuna was one of the few residents of Midian able to fight back against the Sons of the Free, and thus took part in the defence of the city, surviving the battle and escaping with Cabal and several others.

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