Shriekers are small Hollow-dwelling creatures that have appeared in Gears of War 3. Raised by the Locust Horde, these beasts were often used for low-level aerial reconnaissance and combat. They are known as "Shriekers" among humans due to the distinct screeching sound they make in battle.

Biology Edit

The Shrieker appears loosely similar to the Ticker, but with obvious differences. These creatures, for one, are bio-luminescent and glow faintly. (This glowing aspect may or may not be a symptom of early Lambency.) Also, Shriekers are capable of low-altitude flight, an ability they utilise well in combat to evade attacks and bypass enemy cover. The flight ability of the Shrieker is attributed to the high volume of methane gas that builds up in their bodies. If a Shrieker is significantly wounded, its body will catch fire and quickly explode.

Behaviour Edit

Shriekers usually keep their distance when attacking, maintaining a low altitude and continuously spraying enemies with fire from their modified Gorgon machine pistols. They can make easy targets as they are airborne, though they will frequently hover from side to side in order to evade enemy fire. They usually travel in swarms of at least four. Their swarm tactics are not always advantageous as they explode when shot, putting nearby Shriekers at risk as well.

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