Shriekbat mp1 Artwork

Shriekbats are small flying creatures that appear in the Metroid Prime games. They hang from ceilings in caves and have a very high body temperature which peaks at 121°C, making them easy to spot with thermal imaging. Highly territorial, shriekbats will defend their terrain to the death, in the most literal sense. When an intruder enters their domain, a pack of shriekbats will divebomb the intruder and explode on impact.

Subspecies Edit

Shriekbats have been encountered in various habitats on multiple planets across the galaxy. Below is a list of all shriekbat subspecies encountered by Samus Aran.

Tallon Shriekbat Edit

Shriekbats native to Tallon IV have a small, insect-like appearance and possess blade shaped wings, a single red eye on their head, two small mandibles, and two small legs that they use to hold onto cave ceilings.

Ice Shriekbat Edit

Native to the Phendrana Drifts of Tallon IV, ice shriekbats are slightly larger around their base and their appendages are larger. Their coloration is blue and yellow rather than black and brown. Although ice shriekbats reside in a cold environment, it seems that like their cousins they still have high internal temperatures.

Aether Shriekbat Edit

Shriekbats from Aether have a distinct crescent shape and seem to emit a strange light from between their tail-ends.

Bryyonian Shriekbat Edit

Shriekbats from Bryyo more closely resemble bats encountered on Earth, but like all other shriekbat types they will divebomb enemies and explode on impact.

Elysian Shriekbat Edit

The shriekbats encountered on Elysia are not true shriekbats but robotic constructs created by the Chozo. It is likely that they were built for defensive purposes but this has not been confirmed.

Urtagian Shriekbat Edit

A shriekbat subspecies encountered on the Pirate Homeworld.

Phazon Shriekbat Edit

Shriekbats encountered upon the living planet of Phaaze, this species is entirely dependent on Phazon to survive. The explosions they produce are larger and more damaging.

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