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Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction who battles demons and maintains balance in the universe through his dances. He is the husband of Kali and Parvati. Many non-Hindus would assume that being the god of destruction would make Shiva evil, but this is not the case, as he is good. Hindus respect Shiva since without destruction there would be no room for creation.


Shiva is always considered to apear as a handsome young man. He is often depicted as the "Lord of the Dance" dancing within a ring of fire on top of the demon of ignorance. When not dancing, Shiva is shown deep in meditation. He often has four arms. Comon clothing for Shiva includes snakes, and a cresent on his forehead. His hair is descibed as "matted" in many Hindu texts.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Shiva's power is supreme among the gods. He is the immortal master of Death, therfore he can both prevent and cause death with incredible ease as well as probably capable of removing anything from existance with a simple thought, this makes him omnidestructive.

Shiva possesses the combined strength and power of many gods, making him the most powerful.

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