Shinigami are Japanese creatures similar to the Grim Reaper of western culture. Both are spirits of death that kill people at their appointed time and guide them to the afterlife. The only difference is that their is only one Reaper, while their are many shinigami.

Depictions of ShinigamiEdit

  • Death Note: The shinigami of the manga and anime series Death Note]] are depcted as winged demons of some kind, each with their own personalised look, who uses a notebook, the death note, to kill. The eyes of a shinigami show the name and lifespan of any human. They don't work on other shinigami, or in the case of humans who make the 'shinigami eye deal', the owner of a death note.
  • Bleach: Bleach's shinigami, or Soul Reapers as they are referred to in the English version, are humanoid spirits who's mission is to hunt down Hollows. The shinigami don't age and are nearly immortal, being able to 'die' only after decapitation or greater injuries than a human can survive, and may carry a Zanpakutō, a spirit sword that is similar to a Japanese katana. Shinigami are similar to ninja and samurai in their look and fighting styles.

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