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Shamanism is a special type of alchemy, people who practise
Necromancy,Endor Witch

Witch of Endor Reviving someone

shamanism are called Shamans. Most shamans origins are in rural villages(need not be rural countries), China, Africa, Malaysia, Celts(Brittania), Egypt, Alaska.

Shamans unlike Alchemists, does not believe in science(for a good reason) and have connections with souls and ghosts, yet like alchemists, they know many herbal recipes.They are humans.

Shamans are also said to have gaurdian spirits, this is not neccesary, you just need to know how to earn the power, it is not easy. The most important step in learning shamanism is understanding and learning the diffrence between desires, intents, and relality.


Shamans need not be evil, some even learn it to help others.

Herbs/Poison:Shamans know all sorts of herbal remedies, poison recipes and so on, never make one of them angry at you, it is a ticket to living hell.Most shamans are just seen as people with talents for science.

Talking to the dead:Shamans are sometimes called "he who talks to the dead" and does not command them like necromancers; in fact most shamans will be considered a good friend to ghosts.

Elemental Soul:Shamans can be classified into element groups(same as alchemy,Fire,Water,Earth,Wind) each with their own speciality.(Fire=Destruction),(Earth=Healing),(Water=Beauty),(Wind=Atheleness)


  • The first shaman is from the stone age, which descendent wrote the book of the dead, this book is now lost in the world.
  • Egyptians and Celts were the most famous of shamanism.
  • Shamans being normal humans, look/act like normal humans but thier way of thinking is slightly amplified.

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