The seven shadow dragons from Dragon Ball GT were created by the built up negative energy in dragon balls. They each contain a cracked dragonball that when defeated, will return to normal. They are evil and want the death of mankind, except for the 4-star dragon, Nova Shenron, who simply wants a fair fight with the main protaganist of the series, a saiyan named Goku. Most of them are very intelligent and use a fair amount of imagery in their speech.

Haze Shenronthumb|link=

Haze is the first shadow dragon that Goku, Pan, and Giru meet and the 2-star dragon.  He is also the weakest, as a falling brick hurts his foot. He tries to drown them in a lake he used his powers to pollute, but Giru discovers magic water that hasn't been polluted and saves Goku  and Pan, as he is a robot and pollution has no effect on him. They blast the opening to clean the lake, and defeat Haze.


"It's simple. You want to wish for the things you obviously don't have...good taste, clothes that fit, a little height."

Rage Shenronthumb|link=

Rage is the dragon of electricity and the five-star dragon. He is small, but can fuse with his electricity absorbing slime to be bigger or to electrocute opponents. A rain injures him and he pretends to give up, but then tried to kill Pan. Goku then killed him with a Kamehameha.

Oceanus Shenronthumb|link=

Oceanus is the  six- star dragon only shadow dragon that is a female. She controls the water and air. She usually stays in her first form because it is much less ugly than than her true form. She is embarrassed at the fact the negative energy from a wish for a pair of girl's underwear created her. She gains the nearby village's trust by sending fish from the sky, but is secretly destroying their economy and polluting their streets with the leftover fish. She is loved by them and called princess Otto. She is defeated by Pan and Goku's combined Kamehameha.


"It was the pair of underwear!"


Naturon Shenronthumb|link=

Naturon is the 7-star dragon and can fuse with anything he desires. The first time he appears is fused with a mole and feels too busy too fight Goku, and then tries to destroy a city. When he sees that Goku and Pan stopped the city's destruction, he becomes angry. After being hit by his own attack, he seems to be defeated, but then absorbs Pan, knowing Goku would never kill his granddaughter, no matter how much she pleaded. Goku is defeated, and to mock him, he lets Pan free, before re-absorbing her. But Goku was planning on that happening, so he could rescue her. He is also killed by Goku.


"Why, thank you! And as far as little boys who turn into grown men go, you're interesting too."

Nova (Nuova) Shenron and Eis (Ice) Shenronthumb|link=

Nova is the 4-star dragon and Eis is the 3-star dragon. The first of the two they meet is Nova. Pan impulsivly attacks him, but is knocked out with one blow. Goku and Nova then fight until Goku traps Nova, but doesn't kill him because Nova let Pan go, as he is against killing innocents. With no more debts to pay they continue their fight until Eis shows up and freezes Goku, telling Nova to kill him. He charges his attack, but only melts the ice around Goku. They fight until Goku is frozen again, but the same move won't work twice. Eventually, Goku beats him, and Eis begs for mercy. Nova asks Goku to forgive Eis, even though he disagrees with his brother, thinking he will change. Eis, however, takes this chance to slash Goku's eyes, blinding him. Luckily, Goku knows how to sense energy. He kills Eis with his super dragon fist, and Nova gives him an antidote. But it is destroyed, then an attack is launched at them, which Nova dies saving Goku from.


"Did I forget to mention that I have the ability to raise my body temperature to even higher levels than the sun?"

"Eis! Are you that desperate that you have to blind him?"

"I'm....I'm sorry. I wanted to settle this fairly. I wanted...."

"What makes you think I would come back here loyal only to you...loyal to the one who killed me! I know how strong of a fighter you are Omega Shenron. That is why Goku and I worked out this little plan. We caught you offguard and you fell right into our trap."

"I am Nuova. heat is not a factor. the one who is about to become charcoal... is you!"

-Nova Shenron

"Times like these call for action, not talk! We're dealing with the most powerful Saiyan ever in existence. And a Saiyan cannot be talked into submission."

-Eis Shenron

Omega/Syn Shenronthumb|link=

Syn is the One star dragon. He is the one who destroyed the antidote and killed Nova. He and Goku fight, and while Goku is still blind, he still fights with amazing strength, as he can sense every motion that Syn makes. Miraculously, half way through the fight Goku's sight comes back. Then, to the great surprise of Goku, he eats the dragon balls, and absorbs them into his being to transform into Omega Shenron. After a while, Vegeta appears, as he now knows how to become a super saiyan 4 too. Goku and Vegeta then perform the fusion technique, fusing into Gogeta. Just before the more powerful Gogeta defeats Omega, the fusion wears off, but not befores Omega vomits up the dragon balls. However, as the 4-star dragon ball is a gift from his adoptive grandfather, Goku swallows it so that Omega can't. Goku and Vegeta try to fuse again, but Goku's super saiyan 4 powers wear out. Then, Nova Shenron is reborn, as the 4-star ball came out of Goku's forehead. Goku is happy he is back, but Omega tells him that the negative energy from his body made Nova evil. Nova attacks Vegeta but does not hurt him, and fights with Goku. At the last second, they both launch a surprise attack, as the pure energy from Goku cancelled out Omega's. Nova attempts the destroy him with one of his heat attacks, but Omega steals his body, as Nova is immune to it. He then kills Goku and beats Vegeta. But to his surprise, Goku was not actually dead, as he gathered enough energy from the entire universe to make the ultimate attack: the universal spirit bomb. Omega is defeated, and Goku fuses with the dragon balls, making him immortal, and leaves with the true eternal dragon Shenron.


"And the cavalry arrives muttering nonsense to their hero. Have you taken a look at that decrepit creature? Does he really look like the savior of Earth? Do you actually think that lending him your strength will help?"

"I want you to see this. allow me to be your eyes. I've built a fine cemetary. There is parched, lifeless ground for a grave. And broken buildings in the background for a headstone."

"This is the sum of all history's dark deeds. Humanity itself has given me life and armed me with this power and I intend to use it!"

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