Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon at his full potential.

Shadow Demons are common creatures in folklore and mythology, mostly recognized for their dark ways of living. They are known to be one of the most cruel and savage magical creatures ever to roam the earth.

Shadow Demons are creatures of darkness, pure evil, they have been known to kill an excessive amount of people throughout the millenia. Shadow demons consider it their life's purpose to shroud the entire world in darkness, to defeat the mortal being and take over the world, with the sunlight never to be seen again.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Immortality - Just like all demons, Shadow demons live forever.
  • Shadow manipulation a.k.a. Umbrakinesis - Shadow Demons can manipulate and control the powers of darkness and create any sort of shadow related energy.
  • Teleportation
  • Flight - Shadow demons can fly with the use of their wings or magical powers.

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