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Shades are a fell race of spirits from the next world/s.


Shades (like ghosts) are the souls of departed humans.  Unlike ghosts; they are not bound to the mortal realm by some curse.  Instead; they pass on to the next world/s naturally.  They can return to the world only if there are enough ghosts and phantoms (with whom they are closely related) occupying the same haunt.  This creates a sort of doorway between both worlds, allowing the shades to come over into the world (but not to leave the haunt).  This results in the spawning of poltergeists (a mischiefess species of which can breed).  Also; the more shades move into a haunt, the bigger the haunt becomes.  It is an interesting symbiotic relationship.

All shades are evil, which means either; the next world is an evil place, or the haunts can only access one or more parts of the next world that evil people go to.  Due to the fact the holy objects work against ghosts, phantoms, shades, and poltergeists , however; the Christain concept of Heaven and Hell is made extremely plausible (rendering the latter the more likely possibility).  

In whatever world the shades inhabit, they are all part of one transending consiousness.  However, this conection does not extend across the barrier between the worlds.  This means that however many shades are in the same haunt, they make up one mind.

Shades are faster and stronger than any human.  They have eyes that can see in pitch blackness, ears that can hear like a bat, and noses like blood hounds.  They can turn invisible, and can kill by mere physicle contact (Dying inside a haunt is an unnatural death; so their victims become ghosts of the haunt after death).  But perhaps the most terrifying ability of a shade is it's method of teleportation.  They do it by dissapering in the haunt and reapearing in the next world, and vice-virsa.  They automaticly know the geography of both their world and the haunt, so they can shift their locations at terrifying levels of speed.  Shades have different shapes and sizes, but they are all united by the same trait (when they do allow you to see them) the shinning red aura that makes their shapes visible, but hides their exterior features.

Shades can be killed by mere mortal methods of destruction, but they will return to the haunt shortly afterword.  Also; if you kill one with a holy weapon, it will not be able to return to the haunt (unless it is somehow "rehaunted"), and will have to find a new haunt.  The only ways a shade can be permanantly killed; are if it inadvertantly leaves it's haunt, or if the haunt is destroyed while said shade/s is/are still in it.    

Society and CultureEdit

Shades are naturally evil, and are connected by a telepathic field.  Due to this, they spend most of their time around eachother rather than their fellow haunters (who may even be unnerved by them).  Shades do not display much emotion; but they possitively relish hunting the unwiting victim who wanders into their haunts.  They will not usually kill them right away, but cruelly hunt them until they have grown tired of their game.  So by the time the victim/s has/have joined the ranks of the haunt's ghosts; they will usually be insane.  Shades do not usually show fear except in rare circumstances, such as when they are confronted by spirit hunters (though they try not to show it).  

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