Sea creeper scan

Sea Creepers are a type of enemy encountered in Resident Evil: Revelations. These monsters are aquatic-based B.O.W.'s produced by a special mutation of the T-Abyss virus within a female human host.


Whereas male T-Abyss carriers normally turn into Oozes, females transform into Sea Creepers. The carapace that covers the creatures' heads and back looks like a woman's long hair; it is frictionless and allows for smooth, silent movement underwater. They develop six arms which allow them to hold prey more tightly as they drain them of blood.


Since Sea Creepers can move through water so quietly, it is easy for them to ambush prey. When a potential victim enters the bodies of water they inhabit, they will notice immediately and remain submerged to confuse the prey, only emerging when in close proximity. They will then leap out of the water and grab the victim, trying to drag them down and feed on them.

During the events of Revelations, the BSAA were able to detect Sea Creepers using their Genesis scanners, but this prevented them from readying their firearms. In combat, in order to spare ammunition, shock grenades could be thrown into the water to electrocute Sea Creepers and kill them instantly.