Scorch was a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


Slender and with an egg-shaped head, Scorch's most distinguishing feature is his skin; the colour of midnight, his whole body is emblazoned with red-and-yellow flame patterns. This member of the Nightbreed has a name which fits his description.


When Jan de Mooy spoke his last words at his execution for sedition in 1932 - "My skin is my brand" - nobody was any the wiser. One week later, however, when his personal "zoo" was brought into the light of day, the true meaning of his final utterance was made clear to the people of this earth: Scorch, along with thirty other creatures whose bodies bore the mark of their natures, had been "collected" by de Mooy and kept under lock and key. Eventually, as is always the case, public interest in de Mooy's menagerie waned, and Scorch was able to escape to sanctuary in Midian.

While refusing to reveal his birth name, nor discuss the many years he endured in captivity, Scorch retains a copy of de Mooy's magnum opus "Another Matter; or Man Remade" beside his cot at all times. As Scorch says, he wishes to be able to recite this piece word-for-word by the time he dies, so he may "discuss" it with his former jailor when he meets him in Hell.

During the Sons of the Free's attack on Midian, Scorch is last seen huddling in anguish as the city burned around him, so it is entirely possible that he met the same fate as his home.

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