Scion Frontal

Scions are bio-synthetic monstrosities that appear as enemies in Mass Effect 2. They are created by the Collectors using the bodies of three human-based Husks fused into a single form. These freakish creatures are highly durable, with great defence and attack power. While they are also slow, their attacks have a long range.

Mass Effect 2

Scions appear in several missions in Mass Effect 2, most notably in each of the Collector missions. While they move slowly, they are extremely tough and their attacks are devastating. The shockwaves they fire at the player not only cause heavy damage to shields and health, but they also cause the player to stagger, leaving them vulnerable.

The large sac on the Scion's back makes an obvious target and concentrated fire on this spot will cause the sac to burst, inflicting heavy damage. However, Scions always attack in pairs and are usually backed up by Husks and Abominations, making any encounter with these creatures a difficult one.

Mass Effect 3

Scion ME3

Scions return in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion pack Retaliation, which introduces the Collectors as an additional enemy faction. The appearance of the Scion has been modified and appears more muscular than before, looking more capable of carrying the weighty element zero sacs on its back.

As in ME2, Scions are remarkably durable and their armour can only be whittled down gradually with concentrated fire. Alternatively, they (and any other enemy in range) can be destroyed instantly with one shot from the Cobra Missile Launcher.

In ME3, Scions no longer attack with shockwaves. Instead, their arm cannons fire a series of three powerful eezo blasts that inflict heavy damage. If a player gets too close, the Scion will attack by clubbing the enemy with its arm weapon.

As with all other Collector units, the Scions can be possessed by Harbinger in the middle of battle, greatly increasing their power. While possessed, a Scion gains a biotic barrier for greater defence. Instead of firing eezo pulses, the possessed Scion launches four bombs all at once which can land behind cover.