Saw Boss is the leader of the Monster Minds in the 1980's cartoon series Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors. Commanding legions of cloned minions and Expansion Vines, Saw Boss is bent on conquering the entire universe, launching attacks on every known inhabited planet. The only opposition to his conquest are the Lightning League, a group of heroic space travellers led by Jayce, the son of Saw Boss' creator Audric. Before going into hiding, Audric left behind one half of a magical root supposedly capable of destroying the Monster Minds. Recognising the root as a threat, Saw Boss is determined to hunt down the Lightning League and destroy Jayce's root before he can find Audric and the root's other half.

Abilities Edit

Saw Boss 2
  • Telepathy - Saw Boss can communicate with any of his Monster Mind troops across space regardless of distance.
  • Teleportation - Saw Boss can teleport the Monster Minds' base of operations to different planets by commanding his occupying forces to build special receptacles.
  • Vehicle Form - Saw Boss can transform into a tank-like vehicle that has a monstrous face on its front. This vehicle form is equipped with laser weapons and a giant circular saw attached to a long vine extending from the top of the vehicle. The saw is capable of cutting through almost anything. Saw Boss rarely goes into battle himself but his Saw Troopers all possess the same qualities as they are all clones of him.

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