Saurians, also known as Raptors or Zaterrans are a species of reptilian humanoids found in the Mortal Kombat series. They once came from the realm of Zaterra, until Shao Kahn conquered it and nearly wiped out the species.


The Saurians were originally native to Earthrealm where their civilization thrived countless years ago. However, their age came to an end when a war raged amongst the Elder Gods. At the time, it was the God of Death Shinnok who had turned against his brethren in order to become the master of the realms and sought to possess Earthrealm. He was opposed by the Thunder God Raiden and the conflict between the two was so devastating that it ravaged Earthrealm. The Saurians managed to flee the devastation and left to another realm known as Zaterra where they attempted to rebuild their civilization and for a time it began to thrive once more.

Eventually, Shao Khan, the Emperor of Outworld invaded the realm of Zaterra where he swiftly conquered it. As many other realms before it, the lands of the Zaterrans began to merge into Shao Kahn's own kingdom with the Raptors driven to extinction except for a few members of their kind. Among the survivors were Reptile and Khameleon; the first of the two decided to serve Shao Kahn whilst the latter intended to get revenge for the destruction of her kind.


  • Shapeshifting - Most Saurians can swap between human form and their true form.
  • Acid Spit - Saurian saliva is comprised of powerful corrosive fluids that can easily burn through steel or human flesh, much like acid. This saliva is so powerful that it even kills other Saurians.
  • Camoflage - Saurians possess the ability to blend with their environment.

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