In certain Christian and Jewish traditions, Samyaza was one of the fallen angels referred to as the Watchers. Known by many titles including Semihazah, Shemyazaz, Shemyaza, Semiazaz, Semjaza, Semyaza and Shemhazai, his name loosely translates as "he sees the name."

History Edit

The apocryphal Book of Enoch portrays Samyaza as the head of a group of angels known as the Watchers. These angels were corrupted by a lust for mortal women and swore an oath to mate with them, producing the breed of giants known as the Nephilim in the Book of Genesis.

In addition as unleashing these cannibalistic monsters on the human race, the Watchers also taught humans many of their creative ways, including the art of war. This eventually brought down God's wrath, and he commanded the archangel Gabriel to cause the Nephilim to go to war with one another in order to wipe themselves out.

Once the Watchers had seen their progeny annihilated, God commanded the angel Michael to bind them and bury them in the earth for seventy generations then cast them into the abyss of fire for all eternity. There they were to be joined by "whosoever shall be condemned and destroyed," so it can be assumed that this was the Christian depiction of Hell.


After all of this had been accomplished, God sent the Great Flood to cleanse the earth of those who had been corrupted by Samyaza and his followers.

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