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A man who suffers from deep depression and schizophrenia. It is rumored that he still lives to this very day after living as a vampire. Possibly one of the oldest known vampires in exstence. Little is known about where he comes from or what nationality he is. To those who have miraciously crossed paths with him have said that he "claims to be Japanese and Greek."


  • Illusions (including nightmares)

Using his complex mind, he can create illusions to fool foes. such as copies of himself, or his foes' greatest fear. According to some cases, he uses a fear toxin inside palor tricks such as revealing bouqet of roses. He is also capable of faking his death.

  • Dark Magic

He has a vast arsenal of magic spells. More offensive than defensive. He has little room for chanting so he rapidly chants certain spells in his head to make sure he hits his target. Spells include balls of dark energy, black fire and so on. 

  • Possesion

He uses an unusual way of possesion besides spells he uses cursed marionette strings that eminate from his fingers or wrist similarly to a snake. When he has chosen his target, he launches the string into the back of his victims neck.  the essence of darkness that is inside the string therefore takes over the mind of said victim and creates a dark entity of that victim in his/her place. If the string is cut or Salem is killed the effects of the possession wear off.

  • Inhuman Agility

Despite being as lean as Slender man. He can bend, flip and twist better than an Olympic gymnast. He is fast enough to dodge bullets, melee attacks and bludgeons. his trademark accessory being a cane. He can balance himself upon his cane to perform physical attacks.

  • Superhuman strength

As of any typical vampire, he is stronger than a normal human

  • Immortality

As of any typical vampire, he can live without aging. He has lived since 1625, making him 388 years old

  • "Rage mode"

He has what is commonly called a "rage mode" where he becomes more psychotic, his physical strength increases by 10% and his speed is increased by 20% It is said that he emits dark fumes when in this form.

  • Hand-to-hand combat

He is very skilled in hand to hand combat. Knowing Mantis style of Kung Fu, having a black belt in tai-kwon-do, and have mastered both street fighting and a style known as drunken style in which the fighter uses alchohol consumption to fight his/her opponent.

  • Secret cane blade

Hidden inside his cane is a secret kitana which he has mastered since 1905

  • Butterfly knife

Hidden from view is a red butterfly knife in which he is a tricks master, conquering tricks such as the Hellish and Houdini.

  • Handgun

He is a phenomenal marksman and is armed with a black and gold .44 Peacemaker.

  • Mechanics

He is an exceptional inventor and could be possible for the creation of the robots from the game Team Fortress 2's Mann Vs. Machine mode. His greatest creation is nicknamed "The Gear Golem". His questionable other emotions of being an arrogant man as he is wealthy. He has used his robotic knowledge to create a servant which he has dubbed "Mikos" who ironically shares a physical resemblance to the popular Japanese anime singer Hatsune Miku. The difference is only a change in colors. All aspects of green except for the eyes are white.

  • Puppet Strings

He can summon strong marionette strings from the veins of his wrists. Once inserted into the back of the neck of his victims. Thus eing possesed by his influence in their mind.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Unlike other vampires, he cannot be killed by a wooden stake or any religious symbol
  • He cannot be in sunlight for any longer than five hours
  • Any aspect of light energy can heavily damage him
  • He is as vulnerable as a human just hard to hit

Bio Edit

Born on October 31, 1624, He and his sister, Yunalesca Vladimir, were part of royalty as an heir to Darmus and Lillian Vladimir. on August 13 of the next year. Their home of Arcadia was under siege from Greek soldiers. As a result he was seperated from his family and was taken into the home of a preist and lived there for 14 years. After returning to his original home, he finds that Yunalesca has taken the throne and has became a tyrant. Having little knowledge of Salem, Yunalesca accepts him as a stranger and makes him her servant. It was until August 28, 1636 that she was executed for the unresonable destruction of another land, Foraia, by the hand of one named Drey Kaito. It is rumored that he killed three other people "that he found uneeded in this world" the three were later found to be Arcadian general Alice David, prince of a neighboring land, Drey Kaito, the same who decapitated his sister, and infamous false vampire hunter, Lance Kaito, Drey's great great grandson. Years later he has gone through 5 imprisonment in both insane asylums and prisons. One other member of the Vladimir family is the father of Darmus, Marik Vladimir, who's current location or cause of returning to the living are unknown.

Description Edit

He is 6'11, weighing  177lbs. According to eye witness he dresses in a black suit with a black cloak, white gloves and mask. A black fedorah, and a gold cane  Others depict him has a serious man wearing a black trench coat. Black boots and black gloves. Similarly dressed to Count Von Orlok. He has a deep, serene yet eerie voice. He is as thin as a twig and can swoon any woman with a phenominal singing voice. He can speak fluent Japanese and yet have a full American accent.

Trivia Edit

  • He is simlarly dressed to the character of the same name "Salem" from Drawn to Life, The Next Chapter
  • He is in no shape or form related to Vladimir Dracul (Count Dracula)
  • His name is universal except Japanese where his name is セーラムウラジミール (Seramu Urajimiru)
  • His appearance and personality is similar to the depiction of Alucard from Hellsing and Hellsing: Ultimate

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