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Fifteen-year-old Brandon longs for a pair of the freshest sneakers that money can buy, assuming that merely having them on his feet will help him escape the reality of being poor, neglected by the opposite sex and picked on by everyone - even his best friends. Working hard to get them, he soon finds that the titular shoes have instead made him a target after they are promptly snatched by Flaco, a local hood. Brandon goes on a mission to retrieve his stolen sneakers. This isn't actually the Shrek movie or the Shrek character. This is actually the description for a beautiful and heart racing film about a boy and his shoes. It made me cry when he first got his hands on those Nikes and switched them out later for those Adidas shoes. That was truly a moving moment in the film. Watching the Nikes cry as they were given to the man in green. Such an emotional film. The relationship the boy creates with the shoes is truly beautiful. It first starts as a friendship. The shoes were right there by his feet like no other. Eventually the boy starts a romantic and sexual experience with the shoes. But I don't want to spoil anything. Just let me be the one to tell you that the love making scene is very steamy and incredible.

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