SCP-957 is a humanoid entity contained by The SCP Foundation currently living somewhere within Kentucky. It has a large opening in its ventral torso, within which its innards may be seen and seem to be devoid of any internal organs. Additionally, it does not require feeding or sleep. Through interaction with Foundation personnel, SCP-957 has been shown to understand and fluently speak English, though it prefers to use a language which has yet to be identified. It is not hostile during encounters, but refuses to cooperate with interviews and testing. SCP-957 is said to use "disproportionate strength" to resist these measures, as well as proper containment, though it is not specified how it does this.

SCP-957 requires certain conditions and allows the Foundation to observe it while it goes about its life. The conditions generally include that it resides in a home with one inhabitant. Once it has entered the home, it will go to the single inhabitant and force them into the cavity in its torso, which is assumed to be extradimensional. The inhabitant will remain within SCP-957 for approximately four hours before emerging, at which point it will be missing its eyes and seem to have had drastic changes to its memory. SCP-957 will remain in the house until its victim dies. It will then vanish from the residence and reappear in the nearest one meeting its conditions. These victims will seem to have been blind all their life and even possess the knowledge and fluency of Braille. Additionally, they will believe that SCP-957 is a close family member, a dear friend, or a partner in an intimate relationship, that had been severely burned all over its body. As such, they show affection for the entity, although they will refuse to touch it.

Once every month, the victim will go outside to a public place and feign blindness until someone helps it back inside. SCP-957 will then go to the civilian who helped the victim in and trap itself and the newcomer in a black, spherical, impenetrable barrier for approximately five hours. After this, the barrier will disappear, revealing the civilian, now dead, to have undergone various forms of physical changes, sometimes including additional limbs, reptilian scales, or rearranged appendages. The corpse will either have been reduced to piles of organs and sorted, at which point SCP-957 will use them to prepare a meal for its original blind victim, or the body will be whole and SCP-957 will simply drag it to the residence's fireplace and burn it.