An example of SCP-939.

SCP-939 are a race of pack-predators from the SCP universe.


Predators resembling large amphibian or reptilian creatures, these monsters have red skin, a large dorsal "sail," exposed flesh and sharp teeth and claws. SCP-939's have no discernible organs, but a sense of smell which borders on the extrasensory. This, combined with their frog-like legs which enable them to leap tremendous distances, make them formidable beasts indeed.

It has been theorised that the sail is used in a similar manner to the ears of a bat- as an echolocation device.


An SCP-939 will lure victims to their deaths by mimicking the voices, words and noises of previous "hunts." Exclamations of horror, screams, and pleas for help are all too common when the 939's are hungry.

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