SCP-610 Infected individuals in a contained environment. Visible are an animate infected, an inanimate infected, a non-human infected, and several unknown infected.

SCP-610, known as "The Flesh That Hates", is a Keter-class biologial infection known to infect any creature it comes into contact with. Similar to the Flood, SCP-610 works to assimilate all life in the surrounding area into itself, even going so far as to replace its environment entirely. The exact origin of SCP-610 is unknown - records show that it is currently isolated to a small area near Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, although how it started or if there are any form of cure is currently unknown.

SCP-610 infection first appears to be a sort of skin irritation, similar to a rash. This will eventually start causing scabbing across the body, before leading to the infected individuals death. Whilst this process generally takes a couple of hours, intense heat can speed up the process to as fast as five minutes. The next stage, occurring approx. five minutes after death, results in the infected individual rising, their life functions returning at two-three times the norm for a human and the skab tissue covering the body reforming into what is pictured above. At this point, mutation occurs randomly, including elongation of the head, the growing of additional limbs and, in some cases (e.g. the individual on the bed in the above image), the body rooting itself to objects, extending the fleshy substance across the area.

The Foundation has performed no less than six missions to determine what exactly is happening in the area of SCP-610, of which at least two involved the use of live humans. These have determined a surprising amount about SCP-610. Areas above ground that SCP-610 has assimilated are all connected to large fleshy spheres, created from a multitude of infected and uninfected individuals, both human and animal. This sphere controls all infected within a large area (the sphere in Site C controlled all infected as far away as Site A, though the exact distance between the sites is unknown). The main source of infection, however, is a large underground pool of what appears to be a liquid version of SCP-610. Nearby this pool is an abandoned church where, at the ringing of the church's bell, a number of red-skinned infected will enter, suggesting some sort of religious sense and, possibly, a priesthood amongst SCP-610's infected.

After the 5th mission, the Foundation are developing a way on how to eradicate and contain SCP-610 for good.

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