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SCP-610 infected individuals and a converted environment. Visible are an animate infected, an inanimate infected, a nonhuman infected, and several unknown infected.

SCP-610 is known as "The Flesh That Hates", and is a creature from the SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) Foundation, a fictional organization that works to keep monsters secret from the world. SCP-610 is a skin disease, which starts from a rash, than works its way up. Signs of people bearing SCP-610 include rash, itching, and sensitive skin. Within 180 minutes, SCP-610 will cause blemishes resembling scars on the upper body. Within another 60 minutes, SCP-610 will consume the victim completely. High temperatures speed up SCP-610's affect. The victim's life will end for apx. 3 minutes, and will then resume normal human activity. The skin of the subject appears to move by itself.

The subject will seek aid from other humans, which will unintentionally spread the contagion to people. Subjects inflicted with SCP-610 are highly aggressive to non-human forms of life, and perhaps everything that isn't human.

As of yet, the Foundation is still planning on how to permanently eradicate SCP-610.

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