SCP–352, (A.K.A: "Baba Yaga"), is a Keter-class humanoid being contained at the SCP Foundation. She seems to
Deadly old hag
be elderly and has a thick and difficult to translate Russian accent and is extremely non-cooperative. Due to this and her aggressive nature, thus far no information for her origins are known.

SCP–352 appears to be, both externally and internally, human. However, she exhibits speeds and strength that isn't normal for a human of her age, able to run at 70 miles per hour. She also can survive injuries that no human being should, such as impalement, disembowelment, and decapitation. This regeneration can extend from a few days to several weeks, depending on the severity of the wounds.

SCP–352 seemingly has the ability to grow her hair at will from any part of her body, and she creates a spider-like web with the hair in order to catch prey. These hairs are clear and nigh-impossible to detect with the human eye. Once someone is caught, she will dismember her prey's limbs so they cannot escape and slowly devour them over the time of an entire week or more. SCP–352 has an enzyme of a yet to be known chemical makeup that is present in her tissue, and will cause any living being who touches her experience shut down of pain receptors, hallucinations, and euphoria (this meaning they will feel pain or notice what is going on in their surroundings). While these may last a few days upon simple touch, if one is bitten by SCP–352 the effects are permanent.

SCP–352's diet is consistent of meat, particularly human flesh. She also prefers babies between the ages of 0 through 2, though the Foundation is considering to change this.