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SCP-1548, aka "The Hateful Star" is an uncontainable SCP under surveillance by the SCP Foundation. It is a pulsar


star in the Crab Nebula that shows a high intelligence. SCP-1548's real name is PSR B0531+21. SCP-1548 communicates via pulsating in Morse code, in the Russian language.

SCP-1548 was discovered in 1942, but its properties were not noticed until 1968. It has transmitted messages such as "You cannot hide" and "Only death". In 1978, SCP-1548 became aware of those watching it, and began insulting its observers in its messages. This shows that SCP-1548 has an ability to predict the future, based on its distance. SCP-1548 is currently heading towards Earth. It's approximated time of arrival is thousands of years from now.

In the 1980s, SCP-1548 transmitted this message,

    "I just remembered this: the coordinates of all SCP secure facilities,
      and have the personal information of the O5."

After this message, SCP-1548 increased its speed by over 1kht, and was reclassified as keter, due to its unexpected knowledge of the SCP Foundation.

Here, is SCP-1548's file.

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