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SCP-127 (classified as Safe), upon first glance, appears to be a standard MP5K submachine gun. Tests have

Artist's rendition of internal structure of SCP-127

revealed that aside from the outer steel shell, the entirety of the firearm is organic and alive. The weapon's ammunition initially appeared to be human-like teeth. However, DNA testing of the "bullets" resulted in no match to any known species on Earth.

SCP-127 features two settings: semi-automatic and fully automatic (an audible groan can be heard when switching between the two). Upon depleting the weapon's "magazine" (typically 60 shots), it takes between 3-5 days to regrow a new supply of ammunition. Attempts to remove the magazine have resulted in failure—it seems to be permanently attached to the weapon.

SCP-127 does not seem capable of reproduction at this time (scans have shown no apparent reproductive organs) and requires no sustenance beyond water, calcium, and protein.

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