SCP-049 is a humanoid covered in what appears to be the garb of the traditional “Plague Doctor” from 15-16th century Europe, but is actually a part of SCP-049’s body. This material is similar in structure to muscle, although it feels much like rough leather.

SCP-049 understands English perfectly well, and is completely docile until it tries to perform surgery. SCP-049’s touch is invariably lethal to humans, with the possible exception of SCP-714, an anomalous ring, which may provide protectionfrom SCP-049 as seen in the game SCP - Containment Breach. After unprotected contact with SCP-049’s hands, the victim suffers from an unknown internal injury and dies within moments. SCP-049 will then attempt to kill all humans it can see in a similar manner, supposedly to avoid interruption, before returning to its original victim. It then produces a bag, made of an unknown material and containing scalpels, needle, thread, and several vials of an unidentified substance, from somewhere within its body, before proceeding to dissect the victim and inserting various chemicals into the body.

After approximately 20 minutes, SCP-049 will sew its victim back up and become docile once more. Several minutes later, the victim will resume vital signs and appear to reanimate. However, it will seem completely without higher brain functions, and will wander aimlessly until it encounters another living human. At that point, its adrenaline and endorphin levels will increase to approximately three-hundred (300) percent and it will attempt to kill any human beings it can find, before returning to its mindless state and wandering until it comes across more humans.


An SCP-049 victim instance, as seen in SCP - Containment Breach.

Instances of reanimated victims resemble pale-bodied zombies with deep, bloody scars along their torsos resulting from SCP-049's surgeries.