The rotvine defiler is an abomination in the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. A plant-like creature made up of mould and decay, the defiler exists for the sole purpose of consuming and spoiling all organic matter. Originally, this creature was created by a goddess of fertility and bounty, but now exists as a malignant antithesis to everything its creator stood for. Everywhere the defiler goes, it leaves nothing but rotten waste in its path and will continue down this path of death and corruption until it has consumed all life.

Abilities Edit

  • Tendrils of Rot - The rotvine defiler possesses many writhing tendrils that cause any living thing they touch to decay.
  • Earthly Maw - The defiler attempts to consume living creatures and will savagely bite victims, leaving behind a toxin that causes ongoing necrotic damage.
  • Putrescent Explosion - Upon death, the defiler will explode in a shower of putrid ichor that will poison any living thing in its radius.
  • Immortality - If defeated, the defiler will not stay dead. It cannot be killed in any true sense and the best way to be rid of it is to banish it to another plane.

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